The last few weeks have been interesting.  Things were going along pretty smoothly, and out of the blue I get a pretty simple email: “Erik passed your name on to me and mentioned that you might be interested in a free lunch. ;) ”.  Lunch went great, I met with a few of the guys and we grabbed lunch.  I went into it not really knowing what to expect… It turned out to be, basically, a very casual two-way interview.  They got to know what I’m about, I got to know what they’re about, and…

Here we are! I’ve just finished my first week at VendAsta Technologies, and I’m super happy that I made the switch.  The first week has been good, I’ve been doing lots of learning about web technology that, until recently, had only heard about.  It’s been refreshing, working with cutting-edge tools and technologies.

In the same breath, I’ve also just got my AVR kit going with my laptop, so expect some articles about getting going on the AVR+STK500+C combo.

Edit: Also, I’m still figuring out this WordPress stuff, so hopefully things look a bit better over the next few days.