So a good chunk of my month was spent learning a new language, but it wasn’t Clojure. I had a large assignment in my Concurrent Programming class (that probably took me way longer than it should have), and three of the big pieces of it were in a language that was otherwise quite foreign to me: Java.

After all of that, I’m feeling relatively comfortable with it. I got to finally try out JUnit. I did some work with sockets ( and, which felt pretty familiar having used sockets in C.

Also, I feel like I learned a lot of the “correct” ways to do things from Josh Bloch’s Effective Java. I don’t think I can give this book enough praise. It’s really, really fantastic for learning the intricate ways that you can mess up when writing Java software.

So… about Clojure. I’d still like to spend more time with it, but I’m not sure when I’m going to schedule that in.

[All apologies if this sounds a bit like an incoherent rant... I haven't been sleeping nearly enough and I really need to get caught up on that too]