Tonight I started setting up a headless Ubuntu server, and realized that I’m a little rusty (or spoiled). I wanted to configure the services that run on boot, and was having trouble getting services-admin to work with X11 forwarding (why is it that Gtk on Linux seems to have so much trouble with Apple’s X11 server?).

I scratched my head a bit, realized that I have no real firm idea about how services start on “modern” Linux distributions. I reminisced a bit to the good old days, when I ran something in the Slackware 3.x series…

Anyway, I discovered a beautiful ncurses-based tool to do exactly this: sysv-rc-conf (how appropriately named!).

Here’s a quick screenshot:



Note: I realize that the picture is not, in fact, beautiful. This is a good reminder that I need to fix the template on here, so that things aren’t wrapping and getting cut off all over the place.