Language-a-month: Java! Catastrophe!

Written by Tony Arkles on 30.09.2009 | Uncategorized

So a good chunk of my month was spent learning a new language, but it wasn’t Clojure. I had a large assignment in my Concurrent Programming class (that probably took me way longer than it should have), and three of the big pieces of it were in a language that was otherwise quite foreign [...]

A response to “Does Usability Really Matter?”

Written by Tony Arkles on 07.09.2009 | Uncategorized

My friend Jeff recently wrote a blog post called “Does Usability Really Matter?“. I found it interesting, and thought that he was on to something, but I figured I’d contribute a few extra thoughts.
He talks quite a bit about the indicator lights on his home theatre being quite mismatched. Some are red, some [...]

Dijkstra identifies the need for TDD…

Written by Tony Arkles on 06.09.2009 | Uncategorized

I’m not sure when this was published, but in EWD 1305, Dijkstra identifies the clear need for TDD, presumably well before the phrase “Test-Driven Development” is ever used:
A programmer has to be able to demonstrate that his program has the required properties. If this comes as an afterthought, it is all but certain that he [...]

“Speed Kills” – On Being A Professional

Written by Tony Arkles on 03.09.2009 | Uncategorized

This article is just way too good not to link to Speed Kills.
Some choice quotes:
Frankly, the ability to be deliberate is the mark of a professional. Professionals do not rush. Professionals understand the value of cleanliness and discipline. Professionals do not write bad code — ever.
Or how about:
If you want to be a professional, if [...]


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